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SA Company has been added to our company offerings.


SA Company (safishing.com)

SA Co. is a lifestyle outdoor brand where the philosophy is quality gear at reelistic prices™. A passion for fishing paired with a unique entrepreneurial talent is what brought SA Co. to its quick, yet well warranted success. With a mix of creativity, as well as trial and error, the brand patented the Gimbal Cover®, which soon became the spark for the company. Capitalizing on social media, the collection expanded into the apparel industry, which catapulted the company into a global brand. Today, SA Co. is known as a lifestyle apparel brand that supplies consumers with everything they need to make the most out of their outdoor excursions. Sporting the SA shield reveals a passion for the brand, but it goes beyond just that. With our SA team extending far beyond the United States, it means more than wearing a logo; it means a shared connection across the globe. SA Co. has evolved into a brand that allows customers to live the SA lifestyle through our eyes, one picture at a time


SiliPints has awarded When It Rains, Inc with the 2022 Rep Of The Year Honor.  More to come in 2022.  We will continue to grow all of our brands and we hope that we are the 2021 Reps Of the Year for all of our brands.  We could not do this without our staff and our dealer network.  Thank you.RepOfTheYear

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