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About   Providing outdoor apparel for educated enthusiasts.  Our products offer attractive designs, performance driven fabrics, and technical features at an affordable price.
For over fifteen years Red Ledge has been providing reliable outdoor apparel to the educated enthusiast. We continue to succeed in this mission with a new goal at hand, to simply give back to those in need.
Our mission reads, “Rain doesn’t have to be such a bad thing, it does so much good for the world and WE can too.”
This year we entirely funded our first water project through charity: water, …a non-profit organization which helps bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. We will continue to fund more water projects next year. We aim to be a company that has some class and substance, a brand that breaks strides with it’s competition and blazes it’s own path of prosperity. For our continued success we thank you our loyal patrons for giving us the ability to pay it forward into the new year.
OH yeah…and all of the Deadliest Catch Crews Wear Red Ledge…And We don’t even pay them!

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